durational-performance for video, 240min on loop

Swearing in Swimwear is a four-hour durational video-performance work in which a young woman is doing just that: swearing in swimwear. It is a challenge akin to a game, that game being to continue to swear without repeating oneself. In undertaking the game the performer begins to play with the limits, delivery, labour and ambiguity of language. Over the duration of the performance she transcends the gratuitousness of an all too familiar image to speak directly to the viewer in a range of ambivalent emotions. Emotions that are brought about by an unassisted and unrehearsed undertaking of what is a seemingly straightforward task. If you are a golf fan we recommend you check this this site.

The simple structure of the performance, and of the shoot, plays out in an aesthetic that is as crude as the content. As real time unfolds within this activity the performance inevitably begins to collapse, and so too do binaries of seduction and repulsion, entertaining and offending, the familiar and the strange, the sensical and the non-sensical.

Performer: Natalie Randall. Camera Operator / Editor: Rebecca Hurd

First presented as part of group exhibition Irreverents at Gaffa Gallery.

Swearing in Swimwear Catalogue