performance, 2010

Kansas is an experiment in anti-cultural cartography; mapping sights – outlooks – that lack signifiers conveying the culture they are a part of.

The work invites audiences to share condensed points of view and explore where they could be right now by weaving imagination into the everyday and in doing so expanding the meaning of what is ‘local’.

The sight-specific / site-non-specific work starts with an elevator ride and invites the public to share points of view further throughout the general area. Actively engaging audiences in their own process of (re-)mapping toward an imaginative and playful interpretation of places that are somehow dislocated from their context and could be anywhere in the world…or beyond

It’s as much about where places could be as about where they are and as much about sights as sites themselves.

Kansas was made in collaboration with Georgie Meagher for the 2010 ANTI Festival in Kuopio, Finland

Kansas was developed with the assistance of PACT and Serial Space