“Once Upon a Time… for a reason not even science could explain the earth momentarily stopped spinning and the inertia threw a young boy out of bed”

text and photography work, 2010

Working Title is a continually growing contemporary fairytale picture book. A series of everyday urban landscapes into which narratives are fleetingly conjured with language. Each narrative lasts only a single image and varies greatly in length. Accompanied by the text each simple image becomes an allusionary abstract to something greater. An unlikely stimulus to the imagination. Each is tied together by two textual conceits. It must begin with ‘Once Upon a Time…’, grounding us in the here and now allowing us to look towards the other time and place of possibility in the image. And it must conclude with ‘The End’; the ultimate finality and closing of the possibilities.

The End.

Text by Malcolm Whittaker. Photographs by Luke Tipene.

An on-going collaboration.

First presented at Monthly Friend #5, Penguin Plays Rough