performance, 2013

Ignoramus Anonymous takes the form of a support group meeting for the ignorant – i.e. for anyone and everyone. It is a participatory performance project that has been devised for a library space. Those present sit in the traditional support group circle and, lead by the artist, revel together in what they do not know and what they do not know that they do not know. This could be anything from a current matter in the news to an existential quandary to a recently completed book or trip to a modern art gallery.

Ignoramus Anonymous is a playful reaction to a culture intent on quantifying knowledge and expertise. It is a space to ask questions and receive support. A supportive space where not knowing and not understanding can be safely confessed as we share our limitations of knowledge and understanding. Through a simple circle, in which our ignorance forces us to confront a democratic equality with one another, our support will propose an intellectual emancipation and an equality of intelligence in all.

Ignoramus Anonymous has been developed with the assistance of the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body. The project has been further assisted by the State Library of New South Wales, the Copyright Agency Cultural Fund, the State Library of Western Australia, CIA Studios and the Waverley Council Artist-in-Residence scheme.