Team MESS, 2008

You and Me and a Very Large Bottle observes a young woman looking for closure on the anxiety of remembering a time of which she was not a part and her proceeding to try and make up for this adolescent void in her young life.

Combining personal party memories, a nostalgic soundtrack and an epic game of spin the bottle; You, Me and a Very Large Bottle aims to explore and play (literally) with intimate spaces between strangers.  A cross between a performance and a game, based heavily on active audience/players this piece aims to unite and/or divide and test boundaries between strangers. It could be lovely; it could be very very awkward… that’s just the nature of the game.

There is something somehow a little bit familiar about being intimate with a stranger.

A Team MESS collaboration between Natalie Randall and Malcolm Whittaker

Presented at Nighttimes #6, Performance Space