theatre performance, 2009

The Red Room has been created as a space to revel with audience members in the fears of our unexplainable dreams and desires. In The Red Room a solo performance is longing to and resistant to take place. It is a dance between the unexplainable desire for the spotlight and to hide in the black hole at its edge. A dance between the dream of one’s self and another. It’s about looking, being looked at and love as much as it is fear.

Walk slowly. Drink plenty of water. We’re all in this together.

The Red Room was curated in the Under the Radar program at The 2009 Brisbane Festival and was also presented at The 2010 Adelaide Fringe

The Red Room was developed with the assistance of PACT, Bundanon Artist Trust and has also shown throughout the UK.

Photos by Laura Montag from You and Your Work Festival