Untitled (1. Have a seat. Adjust the height of the chair so your feet are flat on the floor. Pull your chair in under the table so that you don’t have to bend or strain your back or neck to reach the objects on the table’s surface. Your comfort is paramount for the proceeding of these operations. 2. Pick up the phone directory on the table and select a contact from inside at random. 3. Pick up the phone and key in this individual’s phone number. 4. Have a conversation. Conversation examples: Weather, find out what the weather is like at the other end of the line and how it might be different from where you are now; Death, find out how this person feels about death; The current exhibitions in the gallery, let this individual know what you think of the work and either encourage they come and check it out or avoid it at all costs. 5. End the conversation and hang up and replace the phone and directory). 2011

Dimensions variable.

Wooden desk, chair, pre-paid mobile phone, telephone directory.

Exhibited as part of solo exhibition Me: Mine at Firstdraft Gallery

Me: Mine catalogue