Malcolm Whittaker is a cis male from Sydney who works as an artist, writer, researcher and performer. He does this in solo pursuits, as a founding member of performance collective Team MESS and in collaborations with other artists and non-artists. His work is mostly made and executed through the engagement of participants and collaborators in the framing of play spaces that adopt social forms and rituals of popular culture and the everyday. His projects have taken the form of theatre and gallery situations, site-specific and public interventions, performance lectures, film shoots, phone calls, support groups, teeth brushing services, walks in the park, letters in the mail and the borrowing of books from the library. He has made and presented work extensively across Australia, as well as in the UK and Finland. He has done so through a range of initiatives and organisations, including Performance Space (Sydney), Arts House (Melbourne), Museum of Contemporary Art (Sydney), State Library of NSW, The Wheeler Centre (Melbourne), Vitalstatistix (Adelaide), Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Campbelltown Arts Centre, ANTI Festival (Kuopio), Next Wave Festival (Melbourne), Proximity Festival (Perth), World Theatre Festival (Brisbane), Junction Arts Festival (Launceston), PACT (Sydney), Field Theory (Melbourne), Firstdraft Gallery (Sydney) and Frontyard Projects (Sydney). Malcolm is currently completing a PhD at The University of Wollongong, where he also works as a sessional teacher.


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